domenica 2 dicembre 2012

I have all this drawings on my desk and i'm not really sure t what I  want to do with theme.
I really love illustrate and work with my biggest passion will be a dream come true,but sometimes I feel that's too hard to find the way to put myself out there and I really like illustrate for myself . sometimes thinking of working with illustration distracts me from my final goal,be true with who I am and what I feel!
for that reason I decided to open this space, just to feel the freedom to illustrate despite of technique, style influences,because  I really want to find my real and own voice! I don't want to canalize just with one thing, there are a lot of ideas passing across my head so ...why paper love diary?
because the paper is were begins ,love because everything is made with love and diary because this is me !
I hope I can truly enjoy!!  

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