sabato 31 agosto 2013

venerdì 30 agosto 2013


Meanwhile with are waiting genius Isabel Marant h&m collaboration here is the lookbook of the resort collection. one more time she shows us classy french style with this urban etnic chic combination. I am a real Isabel Marant fan and not for her innovation but for the stylish pieces she propose to us so feminine minimalist mixed with tomboy style. I love it!  don't you?

mercoledì 28 agosto 2013


In these days I've been thinking about makeup and observing stylish girls and how they use it. I really enjoy a little bit of it , just a push, I don't want to feel overdone.I like a natural makeup that you don't persive what is it but you know is there.
I arrived at the conclusion that eyeliner is a good compromise. there are many ways to use it and shapes you can choose but a thin line onto the lids is the best choise for a everyday makeup. Personaly I use better a eyeliner that comes in a jar and a thin and little square brush to apply it and feel I have more control than a liquid eyeliner but is just a question of manuality and what makes you feel more in control.You can allways use thin cotton swabs to correct mistakes.
so what is your make up ideal ? What's the essential which you can not go out?

mercoledì 21 agosto 2013


Original dress design by Miranda C


Some weeks ago we made a test.We realized this shooting to find out if we have the potencial to create a fashion shooting.We didn't have a real model or lights or make up artist and we thought that if we can have a decent results without any real produccion behind ,maybe we had the potencial to create in the future something better. So I choose the styling and Federika ( my sister in law)who is a great photographer but not usually a fashion photographer, made the photos.
We had fun that day working together and I think that the results are not to bad.
Maybe I had the pretension to make something to much editorial but ,why not think big?
all the pictures tells me a story I was actually looking for something more artistic and less commercial. I like the idea of mixing interesting pieces that makes me feel that they  have a story to tell . I had this idea of using a contrasting scenography with the model to create a interesting composition.
I don't dislike at all the final result even if I think that there are some details that need to be adjust but how I already told this is just the beginning. 

 The clothes of this first set of photos are:
  the trousers are men trousers from Japan
  the fur is vintage that my mother in law gave to me once
 the glove are vintage hand-sewn that i bought years ago in a antiques market
 the little hat I bought it years ago to, from a girl in a market in Mexico

In the second set the cloths are:
A beatiful kimono that my fathers gave to me from a trip to Japan. 
the same vintage gloves from  the first set.
and vintage sunglasses that  a dear student  gave to me

A special thaks to Federika Odriozola , it was really fun!!!
here you can find more of her work 

lunedì 19 agosto 2013



I love keeping my outfit  simple and play with accessorize. This is one of my best style tip ever. it's effortless and really an easy way to be always in style even when you have a lazy day. try it with a  head to toe jean outfit and use a beautiful necklace to give that interesting detail. below you can find two other sketches of how to use this simple style tip, get inspired!!! 


mercoledì 14 agosto 2013


time is just to fast and it's been almost 2 weeks since the last time I took some minutes to write something
finally we are in spain for vacations and personally i'm thinking a lot about my blog and the focus i want to give to it, so i am trying to find my own voice.
I've been observing all around trying to not miss anything. when you don't live in an interesting city like new york ,london etc.. where do you find inspiration? I can't belive that all interesting things happend just in the big cities.. I agree that it's easier though, but this is my challenge. For a creative like me mum of a little 2 year girl who is allways fighting with time and space and who is never in the must interesting places, where can I find inspiration?
so keep open your eyes that the little things might sorprise you!
to be continued...

venerdì 2 agosto 2013


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