mercoledì 21 agosto 2013


Some weeks ago we made a test.We realized this shooting to find out if we have the potencial to create a fashion shooting.We didn't have a real model or lights or make up artist and we thought that if we can have a decent results without any real produccion behind ,maybe we had the potencial to create in the future something better. So I choose the styling and Federika ( my sister in law)who is a great photographer but not usually a fashion photographer, made the photos.
We had fun that day working together and I think that the results are not to bad.
Maybe I had the pretension to make something to much editorial but ,why not think big?
all the pictures tells me a story I was actually looking for something more artistic and less commercial. I like the idea of mixing interesting pieces that makes me feel that they  have a story to tell . I had this idea of using a contrasting scenography with the model to create a interesting composition.
I don't dislike at all the final result even if I think that there are some details that need to be adjust but how I already told this is just the beginning. 

 The clothes of this first set of photos are:
  the trousers are men trousers from Japan
  the fur is vintage that my mother in law gave to me once
 the glove are vintage hand-sewn that i bought years ago in a antiques market
 the little hat I bought it years ago to, from a girl in a market in Mexico

In the second set the cloths are:
A beatiful kimono that my fathers gave to me from a trip to Japan. 
the same vintage gloves from  the first set.
and vintage sunglasses that  a dear student  gave to me

A special thaks to Federika Odriozola , it was really fun!!!
here you can find more of her work 

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