mercoledì 28 agosto 2013


In these days I've been thinking about makeup and observing stylish girls and how they use it. I really enjoy a little bit of it , just a push, I don't want to feel overdone.I like a natural makeup that you don't persive what is it but you know is there.
I arrived at the conclusion that eyeliner is a good compromise. there are many ways to use it and shapes you can choose but a thin line onto the lids is the best choise for a everyday makeup. Personaly I use better a eyeliner that comes in a jar and a thin and little square brush to apply it and feel I have more control than a liquid eyeliner but is just a question of manuality and what makes you feel more in control.You can allways use thin cotton swabs to correct mistakes.
so what is your make up ideal ? What's the essential which you can not go out?

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