domenica 6 ottobre 2013


With the intention of maintaining a healthy lifestyle , what is your secret?
I'm in a awkward age. I am young ,well I feel young and people tells me that I am young but just for the reason that people have to remind me that i am young maybe is because I am between young and old.. oh my god! I'm an adult!! ok ok lets come down to earth again! so the point was this: what I need to do to take care of myself? for the same reason that I am not a twenty-something a I need to look after my skin, my body , my neck ( do you know that the woman age is marked on her neck?( oh my god what are those 2 lines crossing my neck???!!!)) and my soul. Yes soul is important too, because the advantage of being older is being wiser and knowing that what you are inside it will be reflected on your outside. So what to do? I am not an expert but I can tell what helps me, what is the thing that makes me feel completly self-caring:YOGA.Yoga for me is a beatiful way to connect with my entire body and my heart. it makes me feel really good and in peace, but I have a big problem I'm not constant. I mean , I really really want to be but .. I'm not . what is the problem with discipline?Why is so hard doing those things that you know that are good for you? is the same feeling with bad habbits, you know that they are bad but you do it over and over again! but I say no! I can do it ! I will!! Monday is the best day for new beginning and intentions , as friday is the best day for evaluations about the week behaviour and sunday is the best day to say "I will begin monday!"( once more).But I will I promise , ok I 'll try to practice at least 3 times a week. I will practice yoga 3 times a week and I 'll go skating 2. I 'll practice yoga 3 times a week , skate 2 and drink 3 L of water each day! too much? maybe , but it would feel fantastic! I'm going to try maybe just with yoga and the water. one step at the time , knowing your limits is important too
so this is my new me. a healthy , flexible and hydrated women !

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