lunedì 15 luglio 2013

Once upon a month...

there is a time every month that is just frustrating.
everything I do everything I am is just so aaaahhhhhh!!!
yes,just like that!I begin to doubt of what I want to do or if I'm good enough or I'm to fat to ugly maybe I should quit all my dreams and be realistic with my self ..bla bla bla...yes I know that eventually it will go away but ,god,why,why,why!!
I'm lucky to have this space for myself were I know anybody is reading me (that's an other belief of my "once a month")so I can have my voice and say what I feel.
so I'm not talented enough ,I'm so fat that I feel I'm pepa pig's mom,I'm waisting my time with stupid ideas like the shooting that we made  last weekend (that I really thought was beautiful in the moment)and... oh right,anybody understands me and anybody reads my blog!(maybe the last one is true ..)
but whatever is just another boring day with the same problems of every month! I think that a lot of women can relate with me and understand..and you know when you dont have the perfect mood even for jokes and your partner decides to make just the jokes that you dont want to hear..well happend just last night before bed when I was just trying to read my book because I wanted to disconnect and he was just talking and talking and talking and at the end I yelled at him and like every month I am the bitch and the drama queen..thank you very much!

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