martedì 9 luglio 2013

Ready for the summer

Here in Uruguay is winter now ,but in less of a month I'm going to Spain to visit my parents:lucky me!!!.I can't wait to go I'm actually counting the days !
i'm going with all my family but me and my daughter are staying more and less 2 months . so I have a lot of time to enjoy my parents who I miss to much to relax because my little girl is gonna be entertained with her grandparents,so is gonna be the best vacacion and relaxing time ever!
this is the third  year going and everytime we arrive with sales season  and everything is so cheap that you just want to buy buy buy!!but this year i made a desicion and I prefer design my cloths and my mum now have this good and chip seamstress so a decided to make my own cloth .maybe is not gonna be the same quantity but I'm gonna have things  that I really like and more original and hopefully more timeless . something is sure there are gonna have more valu for me and   more quality , so maybe one day when they are gonna be vintage my deaughter is going to were theme like me with my grandma cloth today.. I will keep updated this process now I'm just collecting immages that I like and inspire me and styles that reflects my actual taste .let's see what happend!

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