venerdì 5 luglio 2013


it's not always easy to find that time for yourself.
when you have a life where time it's just to fast or not enough, what can you do for a simple thing like relaxing?
personally the only way I can have that actual time for me, only me, is going to my yoga class . i'm a mum of one beautiful girl and I really don't have a full time work, but my little two year old absorb all my atention and the "free" four hours I have are more busy than ever!
It's not always easy to organize my time and keep doing all the things I need to do , or I want to do , and as well finding a time junst for me . by night when my baby girl goes finally to sleep and sometimes I take my time to watch tv and draw with a free mind I feel the need to be more with my partner sharing a quiet time together, so at that time is just the end of the day !! uff I need my time ,for just have my mind quiet and not thinking about all the things I will love to do or realize, because a creative mind lettteraly never sleeps and i'm always thinking about what  I'm going to do the next day and even in my mind  the next day has ended and the time was not enough!!
so relaxing is a luxury opcion! for an hour and a half in my yoga class  i disconnect from everybody and just try to not think and just try to feel .feel your body, I mean each part of your body, is not that easy. is an intense hour that I dedicate to me, my all me.
A perfect, glorious hour and a half!

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