martedì 24 settembre 2013


In the mood of research for inspiration I decide to investigate more about RODARTE sisters. I remembered that a while ago I had read about their story and how they had begun their fashion design careers.
They both went to college at Berkeley and none of them studied fashion design , Kate is an art-history major and Laura started as a biology major and after her first semester she switched to English. In 2002 after college they moved back to their home parents and watch horror movies,litterally, for a year.
In 2004 they decided to begin a small collection with some money saved from selling Laura first ipod,waiting tables and selling a prized record collection.They made 10 pieces , 7 dresses and 3 coats on their kitchen table and their mom taught them basic sewing skills and read up on couture sewing techniques.One thing took to an other. they sent crafted paper doll versions of the dresses to LA vintage clothing expert Cameron Silver who recommend them to editors in New York..In 2005 Women's Wear Daily called them and  put them on the cover. A few weeks later Anna Wintour went to see the small collection and told them "what you are doing is very personal you should keep it that way" and in september of the same year they made their debut at New York fashion week .
Since then they had win several prizes made costume design for ballet and movies and Rodarte is in the permanent collection of costume institute of the Metropolitan Museum of art and they still creates collection after collection maintaining their unique style that comes from themes like japanese horror movies without never loosing the poetry that has become the touchstone of their work." We want to create collections that are beautiful ,wearability is subjective".
This modern fairy tale is very inspirational for me.
Why I find it inspirational?
1. It makes me feel that if something it' s meant to be it will happend
2. Even if I believe in point 1 above I really believe that work and passion is essential to realize your dreams
3. I really believe more than ever that being true to your self it's the most important thing when it comes to creativity, comunication and self-realization.
So please take notes, because you can be whoever you propose yourself to be!!

(Dedicated to my very good friend Mariel)

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