lunedì 2 settembre 2013


I have a feeling..I don't know if it's good bringing it out but today I was looking to all these fashion blogs       ( that I actually follow )and it led me thinking about outfits,photos and lifestyle. I may be jelous,probably I am! they have all this amazing lifes all around their cloths ,travelig so much and their are real VIP! They are models in every moment of their lifes ,they walk around the streets looking so casual and all they have to worry about is what their are going to wear. Certainly there is more work in the basckstage that we all can imagine ( I hope so) they are always talking about new project and stuff so some sort of talent they should have . Maybe I am just to shy because I can't be so casual in front at a camera and for sure I can't afford new cloths evey day so I really think that my wondering have to be about jelousy and envy.. A bad thing I know so sorry for my outburst!
I will like to have all sorts of new glamorous projects ,expesive and beautiful new cloths and more of that a real reason to wear them and I will like to live in a beautiful and interesting city were everything happens.. but the reality is an other.. I am a normal person living in a normal city were almoust nothing happens ( well actually something happens, like is almoust ligal marijuana and gay marrige is already a right ). The other day someone told me a story about 2 brothers ( or they were friends?) that lived in a small town and who worked in a factory and never had time to go to the gym because at the time they started work or  finish working the gym was allready closed so they had this magnificent idea and opened a gym by night,end of the story? they  are billionaires with many many gyms all over the country living in a huge mansion maybe in L.A.  Moral of the story? there is hope for everybody even if you live in a small town in a desert island. Can you believe that? so we can believe in fashion bloggers with great  lifestyles and look at them like the new Snowwhite that all of us would like to be! 
And for the note I love all this fashion bloggers and their great style and really admire them, the thing is that sometimes I am  a little bored and hope to see something really diferent and inspiring ,in the biginning it was exciting  but now I always hope for something new and different!
what do you think?

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